A secondhand/used goods marketplace platform by NFC Indonesia.


Business Model

As easy as 123, users can snap and upload second hand item lying around in the house and sell it


“Rekber” or  shared bank account to Minimize fraud District/location option, to open up opportunities for user to meet up & do the transaction on the spot (COD), Some of Indonesian preferred meet and pay cash for transaction, and our platform.

Selling Features

Multiple selling avenues to explore at your choice.

  • Instant Chat with seller

    Communication with the seller quickly with

  • Goods-for-goods

    Exchange your stuffs inreturn to get another stuff. 

  • Make an Offer

    Raise an offer to buy a product from the seller with just a click.

Quick Product Search

Quickest way to reach the products you are looking for.

  • Find Nearby

    Fetch products based on your location to track your nearby sellers. 

  • Keyword Search

    Find products easily by keying in product titles, common search phrases, etc.

  • Category Search

    Search for popular brands and all available listings directly from product categories.

  • Price Range Search

    Find the product that is friendly to your wallet with dynamic price slider search.

  • Dynamic Filters

    Dynamic filters for brands, product age, specs and much more for quick finding.

  • Bookmark Searches

    Save repetitive effort by bookmarking your search preferences to repeat them in the future.

Product Listing Management

Easy, hassle-free and smooth navigation of product listing.

  • Products Listings

    Show products on sale as multiple listing modes that are clearly visible on all screens.

  • Manage Posted Listings

    Add, edit or delete listings individually or batchwise easily from profile settings.

  • Sort Listings by Filters

    Dynamic filters based on location, price, etc. to narrow down on the right product listing.