Code of Conduct

PT NFC Indonesia TBk

The Company has prepared a set of code of conduct that
addresses the preferred work ethics and business ethics to
be referred to for every action to be taken by any individual
within the Company. The Code of Conduct is also binding to
all members of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of
Directors, without exception.
This Code of Conduct is implemented to ensure that all elements
of the Company adhere to the corporate regulations as well as
other external regulations that are pertinent to its business.
The formulation and implementation of this Code of Conduct
has been in line with the good corporate governance practices.
With this Code of Conduct, the Company wishes to deliver
greater benefits to shareholders and all stakeholders alike, and
thus ensure its long-term business sustainability.
Key Points of the Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct stipulated in Articles 8–15 of the
Company Regulations governs, among others:
1. Employee Rights
2. Employee Obligations
3. Work Procedures
4. Confidentiality
5. Use of Company Assets
6. Prohibition from Receiving Gratification
7. Work Outside of the Company
Code of Conduct Dissemination
The Code of Conduct is disseminated automatically at the point of recruitment, upon the signing of the work contract by an employee. Code of Conduct Implementation
The Company’s Code of Conduct, as described above, is binding on all the employees of the Company, including on all members of the BOC and the BOD.