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NFX Xchange

Number one Pulsa exchange indonesia, Buy and Sale Pulsa easier than ever.


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NFC is a platform provider digital hub exchange in Indonesia, connecting a variety of business units & digital style products through API, and utilizing the data of every line of business (LOB) to be more consumer-centric, connecting each to one another, and thus unleashing formerly-obscure information.

We aim to play a central role in the daily lives of tech savvy Indonesian society.

NFCXC as a solution for phone credit top up market that experiencing a frequent Supply-Demand imbalances while offering a competitive pricing from various airtime supplier.


  • The existing quota-based distribution of different denomination has resulted a frequent supply-demand imbalances.
  • It causes¬† efficient distributors (sellers) with exhausted inventory while ineffective sellers experienced a excess inventory.
  • NFCXC would help tackling market of unsold inventory.
PT NFC Indonesia Tbk, AXA Tower 7th floor Kuningan City, Karet Kuningan, Setia Budi, South Jakarta City, Jakarta 12940
+62 21 3048 0710